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Corporate Transactions

We have a wide range of experience in undertaking corporate transactions of various kinds across different industry sectors. We  have bought and sold companies and businesses, undertaken the legal work involved in the raising of finance to grow and acquire businesses, drafted shareholder and subscription agreements relating to inward investment into companies and handled share buy backs and reduction of capital.

We are well used to working as a team with our client’s other professional advisers or we can, if you require, introduce you to professional advisers in other disciplines.

Because we regularly act for buyers and sellers (although not at the same time) we understand the issues that arise on both sides and can negotiate accordingly. We take into account the underlying commercial realities of the transaction rather than waste time arguing over legal niceties.  We always focus on the clients’ objectives.  We don’t let being lawyers get in the way of achieving our clients’ goals.

You will have an expert and experienced team of lawyers by your side, prepared to act speedily and do what it takes to meet your timescales and achieve the outcomes you desire.

If you like the sound of what we have to offer, please get in touch to discuss your plans. We are always willing to provide references from clients we have previously acted for.