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Business Immigration


With many businesses and educational institutions looking overseas to recruit the most capable people that they can to continue their success, immigration law and its requirements are becoming increasingly important. In those sectors where there are skills shortages in the UK the recruitment of non EEA nationals from overseas can often be essential.

With the recent Brexit vote the importance of immigration law is potentially going to increase even further.

At GBH Law we are able to work with these businesses, whether they are a UK start up business or a multinational Company, to determine the best way for their current or future employees to enter into the UK for work purposes. We can advise businesses wanting to transfer employees to the UK as well as those who are wishing to hire overseas nationals to work within the UK and can assist with obtaining and maintaining a sponsorship licence and submitting applications under the points based system especially Tiers 2 and 5.

We also advise on the other routes into the UK for work purposes outside of the points based system.

The rules relating to business immigration are strict and can have serious penalties and ramifications for businesses who fail to comply. Immigration law is also constantly changing which means that it is often difficult for businesses to understand. As a result we now also offer training on sponsors record keeping, monitoring and reporting duties and can assist by way of sponsor compliance audits to help you to ensure that you comply with your sponsorship duties, maintain your sponsorship licence and protect your business.

If you have any business immigration questions and would like to talk it through please do get in touch.