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Seminar: Fraud Awareness

With Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre advising that nearly one in four small businesses are affected by fraud in each year and with fraud losses for these businesses of around £18.9 billion, there is clearly a problem that needs addressing. 

It is sadly the case that often it is those working in your business who can do the most damage due to the access that they have to your key assets and familiarity with your processes and how they may be bypassed.

With this in mind, Ashley Holden was invited to speak at a seminar on Wednesday 13 May by Barclays Bank plc.  The seminar was very well attended with attendees learning about the Barclays view of current fraud trends and Ashley advising on the types of employee fraud to look out for, the potential triggers and what steps to take to minimise the risks.  Steps include recruitment checks and controls, how you can introduce a system to monitor staff, in particular their e-mail and internet use, the sort of organisational culture that you need to encourage and the policies and procedures that should be in place to cover fraud management, staff assistance, whistleblowing, investigations and disciplinary matters.  Finally, Ashley considered the early warning signs to look for and how getting to know your staff can help. 

If you have any concerns in this area, think that some fraud awareness training may help or even if you would like a review of your current policies and procedures, then please contact Ashley who will be pleased to help.